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HI! I'm Sam. I'm 24 and I live in San Francisco. I work as a cook....ummm going to go back to college soon hopefully! I put whatever I want on my blog. Nerdy stuff, gingers, hockey.

August 30, 2014 at 8:00pm
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Never skip leg day. [x]


Never skip leg day. [x]

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anyway here’s a whole bunch of trans-friendly rape recovery hotlines and clinics 

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Malcolm X speech: "Who Taught You To Hate Yourself?" 

 May 5, 1962  in Los Angeles

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Republicans are scary but republicans under the age of 20 are even scarier

Yeah liberals are terrified of educated youth

did your dad tell you that

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i’m a strong believer that not everything you do needs an explanation. if you want a tattoo, get one. if you rather stay home that night, it’s okay to miss that party. don’t forget that you’re living for yourself. you don’t owe anyone an explanation for your choices or preferences.

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the thing to realize here is that conservatives find the idea of paying workers a livable wage so absurd that they make hyperbolic comparisons like this

because fifteen dollars an hour and a hundred thousand dollars an hour both mean the same thing to them; more than you deserve

^That commentary is very important.

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Norway by Arrovf Media

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Forgive me, for all the things I did but mostly for the ones that I did not.

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In the post-World War II era, the Klan experienced a huge resurgence. Its membership was skyrocketing, and its political influence was increasing, so Kennedy went undercover to infiltrate the group. By regularly attending meetings, he became privy to the organization’s secrets. But when he took the information to local authorities, they had little interest in using it. The Klan had become so powerful and intimidating that police were hesitant to build a case against them.

Struggling to make use of his findings, Kennedy approached the writers of the Superman radio serial. It was perfect timing. With the war over and the Nazis no longer a threat, the producers were looking for a new villain for Superman to fight. The KKK was a great fit for the role.

In a 16-episode series titled “Clan of the Fiery Cross,” the writers pitted the Man of Steel against the men in white hoods. As the storyline progressed, the shows exposed many of the KKK’s most guarded secrets. By revealing everything from code words to rituals, the program completely stripped the Klan of its mystique. Within two weeks of the broadcast, KKK recruitment was down to zero. And by 1948, people were showing up to Klan rallies just to mock them.


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I ain’t the world’s best writer nor the world’s best speller
But when I believe in something I’m the loudest yeller

“Stetson Kennedy,” Woody Guthrie

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If Woody Guthrie wrote a song about your merits, you freaking HAD them.

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Stetson Kennedy: American Badass.

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